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In an emergency, absolutely. In fact if I saw a police car I would break all the rules to get an escort or lift there. Eta: I'm disappointed the police car we sped passed didn't pull dp over when I was in premature labour with dd2. Now that would have been an awesome story to tell.

How far off getting p's are you? Could you go for the test?
This happened to us when ds1 was a baby. We were going to the hospital and although slowed down to check first, we went through a red light, got pulled over but a female cop and she offered me and ds to go in her car (ds was on my lap coz I was that worried) but I hadn't a chance to put my pants on in the rush to leave and had them on the floor. So she escorted our car with sirens going all the way to the hospital and helped us in when we got there.