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    Default How much do you play?

    I was wondering today of I should be active in playing with dd (10mths).
    I'm a SAHM and most days we have errands to run or housework to get done so she follows me around as I go about my tasks. We smile and have fun, I talk to her a bit and she 'helps me' by playing with the odd socks or climbing over the washing basket etc. Sometimes we play peek a boo when she is sitting in her high chair and I jump out from behind the pantry door etc. We do go to mothers group almost weekly and she has a regular Friday play date with a friend the same age.

    She is happy and active and usually finds a little toy or Tupperware bowl to crawl around with and make noise or fun things like tea towels and daddy's shoes to swish around. But I don't often just sit with her to play with nothing else going on.. Mostly since she seems happy to play alone and explore and when I do sit with her, all she wants to do is climb on me and won't take any interest in the toys or books.

    So my question is.. During a normal day, how much do you play with your LO?

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    I think what you do is fine. You are including her, she's happy and she's learning from you

    I couldn't say exactly how long I play with my kids. On DS1's preschool days I play with DS2 more than other days but I encourage him to play independently too so I can do washing and clean up.

    When DS1 was the same age as your LO I played with him quite a bit because I had nothing else I needed to do. I used to build him block towers to knock over but mainly I talked to him all day and that's what he loved.

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    I find if I schedule time to play it can be a bit tedious. So what I do is several brief plays throughout the day eg. After she gets ready for the day and has a b'feed, I'll sit down with her in the living room and read a picture book or play with a toy. After a few mins I'll leave her to go tidy the kitchen/put away clothes. I find if I just plonk her in front of her toys, she tends to come look for me pretty quickly. Same deal if I'm busy with something and she's at my feet wanting my attention, I take her back to her play area, read another book or play with another toy for a few mins then go back to what I was doing.

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    I find it difficult to get down and "play" with my kids. I really hate playing dolls in particular.
    So, I set up a lot of crafts. My kids are 3 and 19mths so a little older than your LO. I will spend time with them creating things, or cooking because I like this stuff and it's so easy to get them to help and join in.
    Me made a dolls house out of boxes the other day, the kids painted it.

    they go to crèche 2 days a week and get a lot from that. I spend those days cleaning/errands and doing things for myself like gym and swim.

    i hated mothers group and playgroups library ect. I found it difficult and awkward to be in the moment in those situations. My youngest played up, it became stressful.

    our main one on one time is of a night before bed. We read and talk about our day - it's a bit special and I feel that's how we can connect.

    my kids play well alone. My 3 yr old is very imaginative and makes her own games up. My 19mth old prefers to be out side, fiddling in our cubby.

    As long as there is a balance. I think it's good to let them entertain themselves. It's also important they know your there, when they need you.

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    I'm glad this was posted as I often wonder what a good balance is.

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