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    At 5 weeks I would take it slow:
    - take some key concepts (use a comforter, bedding guide, don't use a dummy, try to put bub down to bed drowsy but awake, approximate times bub may be able to stay awake for).
    - don't get too stressed yet about following the times to a tee. Grab the basics and feel your way. When bub is a little older (2-3 months) you can start cracking the whip at bit more

    Good luck

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    At 5 weeks I would still be fairly flexible with routine. I started ds around 12 weeks then around 14weeks he was pretty much perfect with his sleep routines but now the 4 month regression is arriving which is a whole other thread!

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    I know this is now an old thread, but I thought I would add my experience in case it helps anyone in future.
    my first son would only do 20-30 mins for so long. I worked out he was chronically overtired, which meant that he would often crash out, but found it very hard to stay asleep. Save our sleep really helped me resolve his overtiredness.
    Whrn I added up his total hours of sleep in a 24 hour period, as a newborn he was only getting about 8-10 hours! By the time I had finished training him with help of SOS, he was getting more like 16 hours, and he is 2 years old now and still gets about 14 hours sleep a day.
    My best advice to conquer the super short catnaps, is to try for a week going to bub as soon as they wake after 20 mins, putting them in the pram or car to give extra sleep. Try this for a week and see if the sleeps start extending. Worked for me :-)

    Quote Originally Posted by Kea23 View Post
    Thanks so much for your response. I have a 12 week old who won't sleep during the day (never has, really). We are trying to follow the routine but struggling with the daytime sleeps. We do the initial period of self-settling -> leaving her for the 6 minutes before we go in and settle her, but the problem is she usually only sleeps for 10-20 minutes if she does go to sleep. Are we then supposed to let her cry another 6mins, or go in straight away - do you know? The book is kind of unclear, but implies that you just pick her up and say 'well done for having a sleep' - but she really hasn't had much sleep!


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