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Did you ever get any replies Jacqueline85?
I haven't posted before but I can tell you about my experience - I have known for years that I have fibroids but only now at 40 decided I would try to have a kiddo. My GP sent me off to a fertility specialist (because of my age and being single) but also sent me off for an ultrasound. That came back with the result "more than there used to be and bigger" so my Dr got me an appointment with Dr Samuel Soo. He has access to some technology which, with enough time, can shrink fibroids - I think it might be some kind of MRI or ultrasound treatment. I think it can take between 6 and 12 months. In my case I didn't have that kind of time so I had to have a myomectomy and will also now have to deliver by caesar.

Given you're a lot younger than me, and while you know about it early, maybe you should get your GP to send you to him and see whether this is appropriate for you? He is in Melbourne.

Let me warn you now - he's expensive, but good. But then, nothing in this process is cheap (sigh). Consolation - he's nice, smart, and his staff are lovely. Hope this helps. Good luck
Hi, I am in a similar situation, if you mind me asking how long after the myomectomy you get pregnant? thanks