Would you like to know how to boost your child’s confidence? This could help them have an easier start at school. Parents of children aged 3 to 6 years are invited to take part in a new study run by La Trobe University and Macquarie University.

The Cool Little Kids parenting program offers parents practical skills to build their shy/sensitive young child’s confidence and reduce worries, fears and anxieties. These strategies are known to work for parents, and have been safely and effectively used in Australia in parenting groups.

We have created an online version of the Cool Little Kids program, so that more parents will be able to benefit. By completing the Cool Little Kids Online program, you will learn how to respond when your child is shy or fearful and how to build their confidence and bravery. Cool Little Kids Online is now available for free to parents as part of an evaluation study. For more information and to participate, please visit www.coollittlekids.org.au, email us at clko-study@latrobe.edu.au, or telephone Dr Morgan on (03) 9479 5193.

This research has been approved by the Human Ethics Committee of La Trobe University (HEC14-021). The Principal Investigator is Dr Amy Morgan.