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    OP do you have a dog?
    I must admit I am only so carefree when it comes to meal times with dd because I don't have to clean up every bit of mess. I let the dog in to clean up the bulk of it (he thinks it's Christmas) then either spray and wipe or bacterial wipe over the rest of the floors.
    The high chair gets a good spray and wipe over and dd gets a bath after dinner or hands and faced washed with a cloth during the day.
    We also use those crazy big painting smock type bibs with long sleeves to protect her nice clothes. Pjs I don't normally worry about so much..
    This is a normal scene at breakfast since she has decided cereal with raspberries tastes great but spoons are awful things, she would rather dip her fingers in and go for broke.

    It's messy. But she loves her food and will try just about everything. So I'm pleased she isn't fussy, BUT we don't go out for breakfast much..
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    I was very similar with my first baby, I spoon fed him for longer than I should have. My daughter really WANTED to spoon feed herself, before she was actually capable at all, like... at all... lol. So I'd have 3 teaspoons, one for each of her hands, and one for me to actually feed her. Still made a mess, but at least she got fed. I also lived in QLD when I had Katelyn so worst case scenario I did just hose her off in the back yard.

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    Ds was pretty much left to learn himself as I was always busy with my toddler.
    I used to give him finger foods when he started solids so I didn't have to sit there and feed him. A lamb cutlet, steamed baby carrots, steamed broccoli, plain chunky pasta, toast.

    For cereals, he just had to learn as my toddler was very demanding. I'd feed him a spoonful of cereal, then leave it in his bowl while I tended to my toddler.

    I didn't care about mess. My house was a bombsite anyways. When he started feeding himself with his spoon around 12mths, and my toddler became more independent and started to watch tv more, I was free to tidy up, wipe, sweep ect.

    Dont nut stress about mess. It can always be cleaned up later. Getting them to learn that skill is more important.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NAT2561 View Post
    Our girls are 13 months old and I spoon feed their stews or cereals, then they eat finger food as well. I NEVER give them a spoon and bowl of food to try feeding themselves as it just ends up in such a mess and they don't like it because they want the food to come more quickly by me doing it.

    Recently I've heard that I should be giving them a chance to learn to use a spoon. To be honest, I hate the thought of the mess and waste! I'm busy enough cleaning up after two as it is.

    What did you do? What age did you do this? I feel a bit ashamed that I'm choosing an easy clean up over improving my girls' skills...

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    I let my kids feed themselves a lot because I am lazy haha but whatever works for your family is fine no one goes to uni not knowing how to feed themselves, they will get there, maybe you could start doing clean finger foods
    Like veggie sticks etc and work from there

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    We've always done BLW so my DD always has a spoon or fork in her hand but prefers to use her hands for everything! She understands to scoop with a spoon and it goes to your mouth but hasn't fully worked it out. She's 12 months.


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