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    Default Resistance

    I'm getting a lot of resistance from DH and my mother (my two main supporters) about bf'ing post 12months.

    It's an issue already and bub is only just about to be 9 months old.

    Mum doesn't get it. I'm not sure how long she b'fed my eldest brother (< one year) but she b'fed my middle brother 2weeks and me for 3 months. So for her the idea is totally strange.

    DH thinks 'it's weird' to go past 12 months, kinda like I'm the one with an attachment issue for wanting to do it longer. I pointed out the ABA and the WHO recommendations and he (Mr Know It All) says 'that's just for developing countries'

    Anyone have similar road blocks? How did you deal with it? Any constructive advise?

    I mean I'm going to do it anyway (if DD will have it) but I'd prefer an easy path obviously.


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    Perhaps some research that shows tge who guidelines are for all babies not just those in developing countries.

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    The fact is that it is a decision which affects you and your baby, it actually is NO-ONE elses business.

    There is going to be no convincing them (probably) and it's not a good use of your time or energy anyway.

    I would personally tell them that it was my decision, your Mum has had her children, she made her decisions at the time, and good on her for whatever she chose! Smile and nod, knowing full well that you, as a grown adult, will be doing exactly as you please, as well you should!!

    Unfortunately due to equipment issues, and a lack of knowledge about the breastfeeding relationship due to the fact that he has never experienced one, than your partner simply isn't really qualified to comment.

    I breastfed my 3 sons until they were 5 years old.

    Alternatively, overwhelm them with YOUR opinion on the subject.

    No-one ever said much to me at all, because they knew that I would start giving them detailed lectures about the benefits of breastfeeding (look up pro-moms 101 reasons to breastfeed) and really, I could wax lyrical about it for HOURS. No-one wanted to go there after having heard me once lol.

    My advice, if you choose to go this route, is to print out about a million pages of pro-breastfeeding stuff, whenever the conversation starts, pull it all out, and bore them to tears with all your research
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