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    Good on you for trying to introduce him to new things. Maybe this is just a little phase he's going through and needs a few quiet weekends to appreciate the fun things you're trying to invoke him in?

    Let him bum around the house and see if his attitude changes. You seem like you're doing all the right things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DonM77 View Post
    At this point, I can't allow him to play games all weekend. Im trying to show him there are many things in life aside from games. I try getting him involved in sports, but he's simply not interested. Unfortunately there isn't much left to introduce him to.
    Here, here. I get to the point where I'm ready to throw the computer out the window if I hear another whinge about more game playing time.

    Re the involvement in sports, my SS is not at all sporty. We tried AFL, soccer, cricket, swimming, tennis, he didn't like any of them. We then decided to get him involved in martial arts instead when he was roughly your son's age. It made a massive difference to his behaviour too as martial arts is very much focused on respecting those with more knowledge than you, doing things properly (correct technique) rather than quickly. Plus you have the discipline of preparing for gradings. It is actually something that you would be able to do together too. At our local centre there are quite dads and mums that do it with their kids.

    I think it's worth persisting with trying to get him interested in different outdoor activities. If it's not something they're used to it does take them a while to feel comfortable and confident. Outdoor play is so important for kids. Even the simple things like building a dam across a little creek, or looking for crustaceans under rocks. SS used to love exploring rock pools for the various creatures that lived in them. It's finding things that will truly instil that sense of wonder.

    I love this list from Nature Play Queensland to spark ideas: http://www.natureplayqld.org.au/reso...fore-youre-12/. Might give you some inspiration.

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    What about seeing if he wants a bring a friend along to an activity? It might make him more excited at the prospect of doing an actual activity and I doubt he would sit there and sulk if a friend was there.
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