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    Default Melbourne IVF Doctor Suggestions

    Hi, I am about to become an egg donor for the first time and the woman I have chosen to donate to (and who chose me too) has linked in with Melbourne IVF and decided to go with Dr Julie Whitehead.

    A quick Google search of this doctor returned a few unenthusiastic reviews on BubHub forum threads and now it has made me very nervous of her choice of doctor.

    She has never used this doctor before, having never used Melbourne IVF before, so I know she can't have any strong ties to Dr Whitehead already, so was wondering about anyone's experiences with the doctors at Melbourne IVF..??

    Positive or negative, any advice will be helpful advice in helping me to find a doctor I would be comfortable with, without having to put my donor family through the extra trauma of switching doctors once we have began treatment.

    I want this process to be as smooth for everyone as possible, so if I should know anything about Dr Whitehead ahead of time that would be incredibly helpful. If I do end up feeling uncomfortable with her then I would need to advise my donor family as soon as possible because we would need to find a doctor we both felt good about.

    Thanks everyone and hopefully someone has had some experience with Dr Whitehead or any of the other doctors at Melbourne IVF and can share their experiences with me. Thank you

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    We've just started our journey with MelbourneIVF (looking for an egg donor) and our doctor is Dr Fleur Cattrall. So far she's been great, but keep in mind we've only met with her twice so far. Because of my medical condition (the reason why we need an egg donor to begin with) she wanted to be very sure, before we went too far into the journey, that I would be able to safely bring a child to term, so I can't fault her for being thorough there. And so far she's had a great bedside manner with us. Your mileage may vary but that's been our experience so far.
    What sort of negative experiences have people been reporting with Dr Whitehead?

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    I think any dr will have some negative reviews online - especially with IVF emotions can run high and disappointment is common. That being said I saw dr haider najjar at Melbourne IVF and he was great.


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