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    Default Cup feeding sippy cup

    My LO is 5 months and after frustration of trying him to get him to take bottle, I have resorted to cup feeding/ sippy cup.
    For those who have managed to get their LO to a sippy cup,
    A. Did u start with formula or breast milk?
    B. Can u put a bit of apple juice in to perhaps encourage baby to take to sippy cup due to its sweetness or is this not a good idea?
    C. Does baby take the whole bottle before solids?
    D.how often? I'm going back to work in 4 weeks time and I'm happy to breast feed the morning and evening feeds so need him to have an alternative method of drinking his milk.
    So stressed out about this all *sigh *
    E. What cups would you recommend for a young baby?

    Any advice would be much appreciated

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    I did this a bit later (9 months).
    bub was on solids then and my husband stayed at home with him.
    I found that he would just drink enough to keep himself going through the day and then feed more through the night.
    We just put ebm in the sippy cup. He would only take it from my husband and only if I was not around. Husband found warming it up a bit helped. He would also have a couple of meals of solids through the day.
    Not sure if apple juice is a good idea or not, may just get baby wanting apple juice and refusing milk from the sippy.


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