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    Default Advice on sleep

    I'm not overly anxious about DD 6 weeks not having a routine but I am wondering what general pattern of sleep other babies similar in she to mine are doing regarding sleep. Our day goes something roughly like this;
    6am feed and fall asleep
    7.30am awake
    8 feed
    9 feed on and off and doze in mums arms until about 11.30am where she'll have one last big feed and fall asleep by 12pm
    2.30- 3pm (on a good day) awake and feed
    Then from 3pm everything goes down hill. She feeds on and off and dozes only.
    It's now 8.50pm and I've only just settled her enough to feed properly.

    It seems to me she feeds only a little and not enough to sustain her for the sleep she needs but in the mornings she takes in a lot and can sleep. There's plenty of milk there for her.

    Over night she wakes 2-3 hourly.

    What should I focus on to get her sleeping so she isn't cranky.

    So many nights she's so tired she is trying to feed but whimpers and fusses from what I think is over tiredness.

    Advice, help, what does your day look like?

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    I have a 7 month old now so it was a few months ago but my bub was the same slept most of the day then come the afternoon she was just out of wack a lot of people used to tell me anywhere from 5pm- 11pm can be called the 'witching hours' and it can be a very developmental time of day.. And maybe sounds to me like bub has their nights and days a bit confused. I don't think there is anything specific to focus on but I found really setting the mood for day time and night time helpful. I would do bright lounge room with lots of eye contact and play during the day and quiet dark less eye contact no playful mummy voice or anything in the evenings. Hope this helps just remember this will all pass soon and bedtime will become earlier and they just slide into a routine on their own. I think it's a newborn thing to be honest as everyone I know has gone thru what your describing! Xx

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