After a bit of advice. Next year we have my sisters wedding overseas in Phuket. We have travelled around a lot of asia (not Phuket), as just DH and I and also with our children. The youngest I have taken my children overseas was 8 months old (Bangkok and Singapore).
However things are a little different this time as I am 15 weeks pregnant and will (all going well) have a 10 week old baby when we travel. So it will be me my DH, DD1(4yrs), DD2(2yrs) and a 10 week old baby. Has anyone travelled with a baby this young? what were some of the logistics of travel with 3 young children?
We will also travel to Singapore after Phuket, however less worried about that leg of the journey.
Any advice would be great. Also, whats some fun stuff to do in Phuket with little kids?