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    Default Frustrated ... :(

    I have an adorable 7 week old but feel like I've been through the wringer with her & seeking support....

    We comp fed from hospital due to her losing too much weight but she is now exclusively bf! (Yay!)
    We have/had thrush for a while now which I have been treating both her and I. It comes & goes, very annoying!
    She doesn't sleep very well which we are on the waiting list for Tresillian.
    She also has reflux which we started losec around 2 weeks ago.
    She has stacks of wind, esp farts!
    Her poos were mustard seedy/runny and happened all once per day, then around 4/5weeks they went to once every couple of days, then last week they are explosive and greenish (no foam or mucus) and come every feed! Spoke to nurse and she says over supply issue so we are working on this. She also said poo change is normal around this time. So doing one boob feed 1/2 day and I've noticed greenish tinge still there some poos but not really green like they were. I actually think it's losec as it's the only change she's had? Nurse doesn't think it's that. I've read up on allergy/intolerances, but I haven't changed my diet since she was born so why would her poo change so dramatically?

    These are the things that keep my up at night!

    So I'm struggling with the feeding & questioning weaning because I'm just so tired & over all this poo, thrush & stuff. But I love bf'ing because I get to be with her & 'stop & smell the roses' so to speak & I feel I'm doing the best for her. Also I know if she goes onto formula it's worse for her reflux. So right now just ticking along but struggling.

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    Its a tough gig, this mumma stuff.

    What makes it even harder is when you get a million opinions to choose from..... Sounds like you are getting close to a solution, by engaging some professional services.

    My DS is 13 days old... I've had to prop up his bassinet mattresses on a slight angle as he gets a bit refluxy, it has worked wonders. He takes about 5 times longer to burp properly than his sister did (I'm burping him x 3 during a 120ml bottle plus keeping him upright and burping a further 30mins after each bottle). I'm also expressing, but give him formula for a couple of feeds a day. His poos go from green to yellow but he seems happy as larry.

    I encourage you to try lots of things and go with whatever keeps you sanest and happiest.


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