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    Default Pregnancy #3 and a Dh thats always away

    Hey guys. Dh and I are TTC#3 as soon as he returns from his overseas deployment in dec/jan. So with luck I will be expecting late next year. Till today I was pretty confident I could manage my two girls (now 2&4yo), work PT and juggle daycare/kindy etc by myself as he is based in Canberra/Sydney but travels a lot and we live in Brisbane. He does come up for weekends etc.

    My MIL is currently with me and is very worried I wont cope being pregnant and dh being away. So that's had me a bit stumped as I always thought I was going to be fine. I've had two easy pregnancies, I don't get morning sickness or nausea and I've made it to full term both times.

    So has anyone struggled with 2 kids/work/pregnancy/housework etc? OR has anyone had a shocking 3rd pregnancy with easy ones previously?

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    If it's something that has to be done, I'm sure you will be able to

    Do you have a good support network? People that will help if you need it?

    Would you be able to take leave from work early if need be?

    I had terrible morning sickness with dd1 and she was born 2 days before her due date and then I had a super cruisy pregnancy resulting in a spontaneous 30 weeker, so I'd have backup plans in case you don't have another cruisy pregnancy.


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