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    Quote Originally Posted by Nafsika View Post
    That sounds good. I'm looking at a lot more than that a term.
    Pre-school kindy here is 4 terms then off to school after that. Only thing is no school holidays. So DS still did 1 day a week of daycare then when holidays came up I booked in extra days for them. So much cheaper then daycare all the time plus he was socialising with the kids he now goes to school with

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    Quote Originally Posted by tubster View Post
    Thank you ladies! That's very helpful! DS is 3.5 and I really need to get him to go to one or the other and I am struggling to decide which one might be better for him. I feel preschool is for kids who are more independent. He's shy but smart. He's never been to any classes or daycare before. He's very clingy to me and is afraid of going to school when we talk about it
    My eldest only went to daycare and my middle preschool. My experience was preschool was soooooo much better. Dc all the 2-5 yo olds mixed up together and different kids on different days. Was 7-6 but we only used for 10-4 so each day dd1 would turn up and kids were already settled into play. It was too unstructured for her mostly just free play and inconsistent with different kids each day. She only went 2 days and some were going 5. Whereas preschool ds started at 3.5 and loved from day 1. Small group of kids all his age. All play based but quite a structured routine so he always knew what to expect. Same kids everyday. Everyone started at 9, finished at 3.
    I think it might depend on the centres. I got ccr with dc so worked out cheaper and all meals provided but otherwise I was so much happier with preschool. They hatched chicks and tadpoles etc. I think the opposite that shyer kids would prefer preschool as too easy to get lost in dc with all the kids
    But best thing is to visit a few of each. And ask anyone in the area about them as quality varies


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