Hi everyone, I would really love everyones feedback-
My son was 5.80kgs and is now 6.21kgs.
Basically the history and issues in a nutshell are the following:
*My son is 11 months old in a few days and we have seen dietician aswell as the ped-he recommended that he was hospitaled to figure out what was making him lose weight as he had a massive weight loss before being admitted.....
basically my concerns are this:
*They can not find anything wrong with him-so my beliefs were perhaps that my breastmilk wasnt providing enough calories etc for him so I had the idea to wean him off since I am expecting in 3.5 months anyhow and so far he has totally rejected this-but he did have it whilst in hospital because he was so exhausted from not getting sleep due to the new environment and also from all the noise around him-he was in a ward with six other children.....etc....and just couldnt sleep-so at night tiime he just gulped the milk....but now at home he refuses it (he was taking that much in anyhow....only the most 280 mls in 24 hours) .....he only managed to eat in hospital when he was there the following:
*Formula-and 3 custards....and the next day he had forumula about the same amount and weetbix and that was it....he did manage to put on 200 grams just from all that in the two days but I am just concerned because I am not sure if the forumla is what put the weight on.....
and now at home the dietican gave me a food menu or eg etc to feed him and he isnt even coming close to it-for instance
Day one-*He ate 3 weetbixs with milk/than a small cheese
*Maybe 3 spoonfuls of custard
*He refused to eat lunch-tried him on everything.....I let him sit there and play with the food etc to experiment and try it-he wouldnt eat it...so I was forced to give him one weetbix and I put the formula milk on top so he can at least get some of that
*Dinner -same issue-so I ended up as he does eat meatballs-giving him 2 small meatballs (he basically didnt want them but after shoving them in his mouth he started to remember the taste as he usually gulps these down and loves them)-and at least got 2 into him......and thats it
He refused to have the bottle....
so my concern is this-I spent all day with him patiently trying to get him to try different foods and also seeing his pattern but I feel like I have failed miserably....
question-do you think this food he ate today will still make him put on weight and also he doesnt crawl or walk as yet so thankfully has a better chance of keeping more weight on.....but he is being weight on thursday and I dont want him back in hospital as he was so emotionally a wreck and so distrubed with his routine that it didnt help him at all-we both only got 3 hours sleep a night at most-and me being 6 months pregant-I was sleeping on a recliner chair and it was so noisy there that I couldnt sleep-my son was so affected by it all that even today his sleep patterns have been out of wack.

So I have the issues of trying to wean him, plus he is teething and putting weight on my son and he is just the most fussy eater----
*Should I give up on the weaning for now because everything is so overwhelming for him and me
*Is the food he is eating at least better than nothing?

I am so confused in terms of being worried.....

Please any advice????