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    Default Childcare

    I have had a fabulous 12 months with DD, however the time is come for me to return to work so dd is going into care.
    Any tips on the transition ( for me lol) we follow many AP practices

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    Good luck. They are good at their job, they won't do it like you but your baby will still come home happy each day to see you. I have tears at drop off but that's ok. Ring them for updates if you need but just enjoy your day at work.

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    Hi, I put bub into care from 3 months for 2 days a week as I had to return to work. We are now at full time care stage. I struggled emotionally and felt judged by some people but I know that my decision was the best for our family.
    My tips are
    * Check out the childcare first. They are all different! We are using a private childcare at a Christian college which is beautifully clean and very friendly.
    * Take time during drop offs and pick ups to speak with the carers and play with your little one. If you are at ease, they will be too.
    * Most will follow your routine so let them know how what your little person likes I.e sleep routine with sleeping bag, favourite types of games etc

    Remember that you are not alone. Good luck

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    I am at this point too and it is so easy to stress about whether DD will get enough time and attention to settle in and be happy. I am looking for somewhere that has a smaller number of children (family day care or a small center) and somewhere that puts a big emphasis on nature. So I guess my top tip would be to find a center that you are comfortable with.

    *Go out of your way to develop a good relationship with the carers who are looking after bub. As a carer myself I can say that it is 10 times harder to provide individualised care from the outset with minimal information/feedback from the parents.

    *I wrote out a 'troubleshooting' sheet for my mum when DD first started going there when I was at work. Only 1 sheet (lol, 2 sided) explaining her basic routine at home, what her cues look like, the way she likes to go to sleep etc. It is easy in a busy day to forget what you are told in the morning so having a reference sheet is great for jogging memory.

    *Sleep with a blanket for a few nights beforehand and send it with bub. If your DD has a comforter and you get the opportunity, sleep on it or stuff it in your shirt during the day or something. If it smells like you it will be comforting. You can also get teddies that will record voice messages. Then a press to the tummy will playback the message and bub will be able to hear your voice. I am making something called a nap mat for DD and getting her to sleep in it for all her naps then when she goes into care she will have a familiar sleeping space.

    *If possible when you go to pick her up try to spy on her without her seeing you to see how she is really settling. Many bubs will dissolve into tears at the sight of a parent and all the parent ever sees is their bub crying. Also be prepared, often the first day goes much better than the second or third.

    And good luck. All the best.

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    I guess for me the thing was to remember, I don't just parent during daytime hours. If you are a co sleeper then you are still doing AP and baby will continue to have the benefits of AP.

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    The first couple of months are horrible. You will feel guilty and stretched to your limit. After some time you'll go from 'I'm ok with this now' to 'Work is a break!'

    zero to full time is pretty full on though, Any chance you could do some half days to help with transition?

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    Get your child using a comforter before you go. I use muslin face wash cloths from Bubba Blue and he sleeps with them (cheaper than comforters, more of them in case they get lost and easy to label).
    Make sure you're happy with the day care before work starts.
    Take your child to day care and do orientation for a few days and maybe do half days.
    Hang around or dawdle at day care for drop offs & pick ups so your carers get to chat with you and you get to see how they interact with other peoples kids - it will give you comfort that they are doing a good job and your child can play a bit while you're there.
    They should ask you about bubs routine and they do their best to keep everything the same between home and day care where possible, they are very respectful of the fact that all parents do things differently.
    Don't show fear! Say goodbye to bub when it's time to go, but smile and be upbeat then exit quickly. Never draw out farewells. Your carer should take bub into their arms and give them a cuddle while you are waving goodbye - works best if my bub is being fussy - so if they don't do it bc they are busy or something, walk up to them and pass them your child.

    I'm having #2 and apprehensive about pulling my boy out of day care now. He loves it. Loves the carers, other kids, and all the stuff to play with. He has more fun there than home and hardly ever wants to leave.

    What's hard for me is having messy house, feeling stressed, and never having the time to make lunch so am eating gross takeaway every day. I'm closer to PND working and at home I was happy... if you are one of those ppl who hates a messy house or disorganization then you will struggle like me. But transitioning your child into day care is way easier than you think especially if working full time as it becomes the norm for them and they really benefit from it.
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