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    My first baby was posterior, she turned sometime during labour, I'm not 100% sure when but I think it was in the last couple of hours. I had more back pain in labour with her and labour was very slow, I ended up with the drip and an ARM to speed things up. She also wouldn't drop low enough until the last few hours of labour.
    My second was also posterior until right before he was born. Again I had some back pain, his head was too high and although labour progresses a lot faster this time I was stuck at 9 and then 10cms for a while. We also had a shoulder dystocia which is probably unrelated but I do wonder if it was partly because he wasn't in the ideal position still.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rozzie1976 View Post
    Thanks ladies, I appreciate your stories. Can I ask did anyone need extra intervention such as forceps or vacuum due to being posterior despite turning? And if so did you suffer bad tearing because if this? They won't induce me with gel or the drip due to VBAC and have made this very clear, and won't be given anything to speed labour up either if it starts spontaneously. I've read labour can take longer due to not dilating as quickly with posterior births so am just wondering what to do re try for a natural birth or book in for a repeat CS. Seems each time I prepare mentally for attempting the vbac I get more news stacked against the odds of it being successful so trying to keep an open mind :/

    My son was posterior. My labour was 19 hours and I was induced. It was excruciating. My MW kept telling me to rest between contractions and I kept saying "how? It's painful all the time." It was so painful I stopped feeling contractions and could just feel my spine burning, constantly. I eventually cracked and had an epidural after about 14 hours. I wish I had of gotten one straight away. He was a forceps delivery- they tried to turn him using the vac but with no avail. He was delivered side facing. The forceps gave him a large cut on his forehead. I had an episiotomy, but it was only 2 stitches and healed easily. I am certain I would have had bad tearing without it. He was 9.5 lbs (4.2kgs).

    I am pregnant again and almost certainly facing a 10+lbs baby. If this baby is posterior I will:

    -Try the water injections
    -Get an epidural asap if the pain is unbearable. The epidural made me dilate 6cm in 3 hours- because I could finally calm down and relax
    -Stay upright/squatting as much as possible in early labour
    -Prepare for a long labour again. I went into my first thinking it wouldn't be as long as it was and was exhausted 10 hours in. I needed to reserve my energy more because the second 10 hours was 100x worse.

    Good luck!!

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    I hasn't read all replies so apologies if I've missed anything.

    I've had 2 posterior labours - the first time bub actually turned posterior during labour. I laboured well for about 18 hrs and then begged for an epidural. 6 hours later I was still at 8cm and had a c-section due to foetal distress.

    Second labour (attempted vbac) bub turned right before labour as he was in the perfect position at my middie appointment the day before. I laboured for 15 hrs before having the epidural which then resulted in a second c-section when I again couldn't get past 8cm.

    For me the posterior position interfered with natural birth because both bubs were positioned in a way that pushed their head against my cervix and caused it to swell.

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