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    Default Help! Need some support :(


    I am a mum of a lovely 4.5 month old girl. I will have to return to full time to work when she will be 6 months, it is stressing me. I was planning to work part time but the company I work for is not supportive AT ALL, they didn't even allow me to work remotely - I used to work remotely sometimes before going on leave - I suspect it is because we have a new manager and there were a lot of changes while I was away... Only support was longer breaks to breastfeed my daughter on the daycare which is 5 min from work.

    Anyway, I feel like crap every day thinking about it. We talked with DH if I could extend my leave but paying a mortgage with one income is not feasible, also I was lucky to find a daycare near my work so I doubt that spot will be there if I decide to take it later. I am looking for a part time role but in my field it is very rare -at least ATM there is no part time roles - no family here for support so I had no choice, I feel myself forced to take a decision that I am not happy with. I hate the idea of going back, it annoyed me the lack of support they gave me at work, before I went on leave they told me they would support any decision I would make for my return and it is a pity to find out they lied to me. Sometimes I even regret we bought this house, things would have been easier if we were renting. I have a lot of missed feelings inside.

    I would like to hear some positives stories of mums who return to full time work. How did you manage? Does it get easier with time? Help!

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    it is hard.

    Most of the ones on here that went back full time will tell you - it all works around being organised.

    - make plenty of food so that you ready meals in the freezer
    - do a load of washing each night rather than letting it build
    - share night time feeds so that each of you get a reasonable amount of sleep (though "reasonable" and "enough sleep" are often mutually exclusive )
    - find a day care that is close by and convenient so that you are not spending extra time getting to and from daycare

    its a hard emotional adjustment too ... so give yourself a bit of time and a lot of leeway. Have a cry if you feel like it ...

    Hopefully some of the Mums who went back to work full time will be along soon to give you some more advice

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    Hi OP, I'm heading back on Monday. KMs suggestions are very useful.
    You need to be highly organised.
    * freezer/slow cooker meals.
    * washing every night.
    *packing bags etc the night before, as well as your lunch, clothes etc.

    I found that when I went back to work the first time, I spent all weekend cleaning, washing etc. if you can break things up so you're dojng little bits and pieces after work, that will help. Also, if possible, maybe do a chores list to help you stay on top of things - weekly, fortnightly, monthly, with dates last completed etc. hopefully this helps with spending more quality time with family over the weekend.
    Try and get your partner to pitch in so it's not on your shoulders.
    Also, be prepared that you may need to have chunks of time off here and there. I found when I returned to work when DSs was 4 months, he got every bug imaginable.
    If I think of anything else, I'll come back. Good luck. You can do this


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