I just wanted to share the best part of my pregnancies (first and second) which was without a doubt A Labour of Love Pregnancy Aqua Fitness classes which used to be held at Fremantle Pool but now are at Oceanic Waterbabies pool in Success, with Gaby Targett. (near Cockburn Central). I really struggled to find an exercise program that didnt make me feel even more tired.

These classes were an awesome workout but also such a good chance to meet other pregnant women and talk about all of my worries about giving birth (I had a VBAC so being able to talk about it with other women some who have already had a VBAC really helped my confidence!) I made some really good frienfds in the class who also ended up being in my mother's group.

As Gaby is a doula we were able to ask lots of questions in the class (about everything imaginable) - some weeks Gaby couldn't get a word in to tell us what exercises to do next...

there is info about the classes at http://www.alabouroflove.com.au/serv...-aqua-classes/