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    Default HCG level rising after falling

    Hello all

    I wondered whether anyone has had an experience like mine?

    I fell pregnant with twins after doing a frozen embryo transfer in January (just one embryo transferred but split). At 7 weeks both babies had heartbeats and were growing, although one was slightly smaller than the other. At 8 weeks both heartbeats were lost and we were advised that we had a missed miscarriage . This was my second missed miscarriage after a natural pregnancy 5 years ago ended around the same time.

    My FS advised against a D&C. So, it took at least a month for any bleeding to start, and that lasted for around 2 weeks. It was not especially painful or heavy.

    Since then my FS has been tracking my bHCG levels and they have been falling very very slowly.

    On 1 July (3 months after mc) I had a blood test and HCG was 160. Finally, I thought - close to the end! Then today I had another blood test and the levels have gone up to 190

    I am going in for an ultrasound on Thursday to see what is going on. My FS thinks there is either some retained product, or a new pregnancy. As much as I would like the second to be true, I have a feeling that the miscarriage was incomplete.

    I just wondered whether anyone else had experienced a rise in HCG after miscarriage, and what the outcome was? I'm feeling pretty puzzled.

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    I had retained products and ended up with an infection. Get checked ASAP. Good luck, hope all is ok.

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