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    If you feel it'd be best for you then go for it. Don't let anyone say it's the wrong thing or whatever.. I have worked part time for a few years now just 2 or 3 days a week ( not atm coz I just had a baby) but I am thinking maybe getting a night job ( I work in hospitality) just for some extra cash. I had my kids ( well 2 of them) in occasional care one day a week for 3 hours from 6 months and another at 12 months just to get a break (eldest was in school) so I could do things such as groceries, doctors etc without kids nagging. I was a single mum then though.. Or maybe look into studying, I am looking into some part time courses myself though not sure where I'd find the time with 4 lol

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    DS started at 10 months old for 2 days a week. At first he liked it, but then had a lot of absences due to illness (the usual colds and gastro), then they rearranged the rooms and his room changed carers about 3 times, so I think that's triggered seperation anxiety He's 1 now, and cries at drop off, but apparently settles within a minute or two of me leaving - they just cuddle him until he's settled.

    I do feel that it's made me a better mum. I was losing motivation, bored, and honestly I think I was starting to get a little resentful of his constant demands. So getting out of the house and using my brain, interacting in a professional atmosphere and putting on make up and dressing nicely has done wonders for me! I feel like I appreciate my time with him more and enjoy it more, I'm more active and engaged with him.

    I think next time I'll start bub from about 7-8months, so that they're more settled in a routine before they go through the seperation anxiety stage.

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