Hey Samilia!

I've been thinking of you too.
I can't believe September is just around the corner already.
Are you all set?

I would have been due on the 6th and I'm just so happy I decided to try again. I know that date would have been hard to pass otherwise. But now it's just another date on use calendar because I believe this is the same little soul

I'm 18 weeks now.
We're having a private scan on Sunday to find out the gender and we'll break the news to family once we know.
I've been really reluctant to tell anyone this time round.
Each time I hit a milestone I've felt like I might jinx it by saying it out loud but DH is chomping at the bit now to tell his family so we agreed on that being the day.
Exciting times.

So have you been induced before?
Isn't it funny when you think, whatever happens, by next Friday your going to have your baby!
ARGH!!! So exciting