My dd is a February baby. She literally turned 5 the day she started school. She is now in year 2. I hesitated sending her to school but her preschool teachers were encouraging her to go to school.
She has no problems making friends as she is a very socialable chatty funny girl.
I do have concerns as she seems quite immature. She's very almost Hyperactive and runs around very silly etc. she has a very happy go lucky nature and is extremely carefree and naive. (To be honest I wish I had her personality).
The school have not said she needs to repeat but I do wonder myself. More so especially at the end of her schooling. I fear she will struggle. Her reading is ok, yet she is in one of the bottom group. Without practice everyday she does fall behind.
I just really don't know what to do. Is it going to make her fall socially behind if she doesn't repeat rondos repeat? Will it affect her emotionally if she repeats by not going up a grade with her friends.?
Really needing advice