i have a 19 month old who is not yet fully weaned. My period still hasn't returned although it was always irregular... Maybe 3-4 times a year anyway due to mild pcos. My sis is the same but has 8 kids so it never stopped her conceiving, even while fb. We have been TTC for a few months now hoping I'm ovulating but not knowing. I have been tracking with internet cheapie Ovulation tests. Lots of moderate etsy lines but my first real positive on the 23rd of June for 2-3 days. We did the deed a few times and hoped for the best. A week later I was sure I was preg due to AF like cramping, increased appetite yet off food in general & lots of CM. The symptoms kind of eased up, but I've been testing with hpt - all neg. I also kept up with the ovulation tests & today, only about 2 weeks after the last, I got another positive ovulation result.

I'm so confused I was sure I was either preg or getting period last week & both were good options but I have had neither.

Anyone had similar? Any suggestions what could be going on?