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    Default Hi, Im new...second pregnancy, but my first ended in ectopic :(

    Hi all
    I'm newbie here. I got my BFP on 03/07, which is pretty exciting. I had a feeling for a few days before then that I might have been...
    I think that makes me just on 5 weeks about now.

    So, back in November 2013, I got a very faint BFP, which turned out to be ectopic and I had to have my left tube removed on 06/12, which was rather distressing. Turns out I also have a bicorneat uterus also (go me!)
    So, I lost what would have been our first baby.

    Hubby and I had been TTC again from about March this year, so this is excellent news.

    Problems is, that im actually quite scared and anxious of the same thing happening again!
    At my initial consultation with the Ob last night he told me that there is only a small chance of it happening again. He's referred me for a scan and bloods, but the earliest scan appointment I can get is next Tuesday, so its a bit of a wait.

    I 'feel' different this time, however.
    Last time I didn't get my BFP until 4 days after AF was due and it was rather faint, wehereas this time I got a pretty strong BFP on the day AF was due. I'd had rather sore nipples (sorry, TMI) for about a week prior to this BFP, whereas i didn't get sore boobs until after the BFP last time.
    And this time I can feel some pulling and crampy feelings in my uterus area. I read this is sort of a stretching, and preperation for whats to come.
    Sometimes it does seem to be concentrated on my right side, which is where my remaining tube is, so that makes me extra panicky. And I get a bit of a sore lower back now and then, but that could be because I am so tense.

    The crampy feeling and back pain are no where near as bad as they were last time, when I had the ectopic, so thats a little reassuring.

    Every time I wee, I get a bit worried there will be blood, but nothing as yet. Phew.

    I know I need to try and reeeeeeeelax, but it is rather difficult, the whole unknown part!

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed, and I was just hoping someone might have some advise, or have had these cramping/pulling feeling before? Am I normal? Is it good sign?


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    Hi and welcome to bubhub

    and congratulations on the BFP

    It is hard to relax when you have had so much go on in the past ... but crampy feelings are perfectly normal - especially this early on when the little bubba is settling himself in

    (this is sticky baby dust)

    Best wishes

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    Hi and welcome!! Congratulations on your BFP

    I have had two ectopics so I know the feeling, you just want to make it to that magical first scan where they tell you everything is in the right place and looks good. Sounds like so far so good though! If you're really anxious can you ask for some bloods to be done today and then Thursday? That way you can at least see how your HCG levels are tracking? I did mine every 2 days until 5 weeks so they could make sure they were rising in the right time frame.

    I really hope everything works out and you see your little bub happily in the right place when you get your scan done xx

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