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    Default Talking for 18 month old

    My twin 18 month olds still do not talk except for mum dad
    Does anyone have any trucks or tips to get them talking sooner

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    My 20 month old is the same. He barely says mum or dad, although the other night I got him to say dino. We just keep trying to get him to repeat words when we point things out. Most things come out as 'dar' but he'll get there eventually.

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    When DS was 18 months (a whole 2.5 months ago!) I was quite concerned about his language skills. We went to the park and there was a little boy there who was 20 months and he just chatted away like nobody's business. DS meanwhile merely attempted to throw himself head first off the slide.

    Anyway, I was all OMG! My child doesn't talk like that! He says nothing! Well, not much was intelligible - he certainly babbled a whole heap. Lots of talking, no substance. (Much like mum, I'd say ...)

    Now at almost 21 months he won't shut up. (His new favourite sentence is 'come on, f***ing'. No more road rage swearing for me.)

    What I'm saying, in as many unnecessary words as possible, is that toddlers seriously develop in leaps and bounds.

    There are also a few reasons why your twins may not talk much. Do they babble? Listen closely and you might hear some actual words in the chattering. Are they exposed to more than one language at home? Sometimes it takes them a while to process more than one language. Do they communicate in other ways? Do they seem to understand what you're saying? Are they boys? Sometimes boys take a little while longer to talk much.

    If you're really concerned, I'd talk to your paed or GP. But at this stage, they're still only 18 months old. Cliché as it may be, children do develop differently. I wouldn't be too concerned about their vocab if they're communicating effectively in other ways. They might surprise you in a few weeks and just spontaneously start and not stop.

    I've known plenty of children who remained silent until they were two and then became complete chatterboxes.

    - With DS we talk to him a lot. If he talks to me, I respond, even if it's just narrating what I'm doing or pointing out clouds or something. (They mimic. Just a warning. They will eventually repeat everything you say. Learned that the hard way.)

    - Sing songs, silly songs, nursery rhymes, lots of repetition. Even if they don't sing along, they do eventually pick it up eventually. Note: it's much more fun to sing while you dance. You'll probably look like an idiot doing the monkey and shaking your booty, but it does work!

    - And read lots of picture books. You don't even have to bother with reading stories, just point out what's in the pictures. If they show a preference for a certain book (or song, or whatever) whip it out again and again. I guarantee you will get bored but they'll latch on to a new book eventually. Maybe.

    I only hope something I wrote helps ...

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    Our 22 month old doesn't even say that! No mum or dad.

    He has his other "words" and signs but nothing like I've heard from other bubs his age. But then again he didn't start walking until a few months ago. Maybe he's just a late developer? I will be seeing a GP and possibly getting a referral; depends what the GP says.

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    Hi there! My 18 mth ds has no words yet, just lots of a squawking! Ladies at daycare says he sounds like a dolphin! Yet he understands everything, & he sure gets his point across! It would make life easier with some words though.

    I also have 3.5 yr old twins with speech delays, more so for dd than ds. We went to some speech therapy sessions when they were about 20 mths.... Got a few tips but nothing magical. Ds had grommets put in which may have help him. But I think they had their own way of communicating & got by without words. But slowly things improved, then it seemed to snowball. I think they have caught up now... Pronunciation may not as clear as other kids.

    I did find 1-2 sessions with speechie helpful though, just to get things moving. It was more training the parent.

    Good luck

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