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    Default Need reassurance - nearly 9 month old hates tummy time still

    Hi there,

    I just need a bit of reassurance - my nearly 9 month old was in a pavlik harness from 4 - 7 months and has just started rolling on to her belly. I understand that she has a bit of catching up to do but I simply cannot get her to like tummy time! It's making me lose sleep because I feel I should be putting her on her belly at all times and she is so miserable about it!

    I have a fit ball and she likes going on that but I can't have her on it all day. She learnt to roll from tummy to back at 3 months because she hated tummy time so much and has been able to crawl on her back since then so she doesn't need to learn to get to things.

    Will it eventually work itself out or is there more I can do? Someone mentioned an osteo to me. Should I try this?

    Thanks for taking the time to read my post.

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    I'm no expert but my DD hated it too. She would never willingly go onto her tummy! She was crawling at 11mo and at 13.5 is cruising furniture. She learned to crawl from a sitting position, not from her tummy. The health nurse was happy with her development at our 12mo check up. I'm sure your DD will work it out in her own time.

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    yeah my DD always hated tummy time. I rarely did any because she just cried.

    never seemed to impact her at all. I wouldnt stress too much

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