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    Default Warning - lots of questions! Baby waking for hours on end in the night!

    Hi there,

    My beautiful daughter is coming up to 9 months old and has never slept through the night. I have never let her cry and don't intend to but I am finding it really hard going at the moment.

    She's started, more often than not, waking for 2 hours at around 1 or 3am and there is nothing I can do about it other than wait it out each night. I'm more than happy to get up multiple times in the night but I'm really struggling with getting up for hours and trying to go back to sleep. I'm living on 3 hours sleep a night at the moment.

    The sleep routine is put her pjs on, go into living room, dad reads her a book while I do last feed (breastfeeding still), we take her into her darkened room and dad says goodnight. I hold her with a dummy in her mouth and say shh shh its okay until she falls asleep. I then put her in her cot. I started doing this with a view to actually putting her in her cot before she falls asleep but it's not working! At least I dont have to feed her to sleep anymore though I guess.

    Then she will sleep until around 10pm and I will feed her again. Then we have the middle of the night party time! She doesnt wake up crying but she fully wakes up in a matter of seconds. I have tried leaving her but eventually she will crawl on her back up to the top of the cot and get stuck and then start crying. (she can't crawl yet because she was in pavlik harness and has just started rolling).

    I guess my questions are:

    Does anyone else have this issue? If so, what do you do about it? Do you just ride it out until she stops doing it? How do you stop yourself falling asleep / going crazy while you are waiting for her to go back to sleep?

    Should I really try to stop putting her to sleep in my arms and stand next to cot holding her and shusshing her while she crys (really dont want to do this as I feel it's also a form of CIO but am worried I'm doing the wrong thing).

    At what point did you know that your child naturally wanted to just be put in the cot and left to sleep (Im assured that this does happen!).

    Sorry for massively long question! At wits end at the moment! So tired!

    Thanks for reading (if you stuck it out this far )

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    I found that DD had a preiod between about 9 and 12 months where she woke up all the time, refused to sleep ... it was horrendous. (and she was generally a good sleeper)

    About 12 months or so she seemed to just get over it. It was around when she was crawling and starting to walk ... so a lot of it was just a development phase I think.

    What I did (besides tearing my hair out)
    - made sure I had a sleep during the day whenever she slept
    - made a list of all the things that sometimes worked, and put it up in her room (sing, pat, rock on chair, lay her on my knee, lay down on the floor with her etc ... as I found I always forgot different things that she liked)

    - put a mattress and blanket in her room and slept on the floor (DH was VERY against co-sleeping so putting her in our bed wasnt an option)

    - went to bed as soon as I fed her. She had a feed around 6.30-7pm and then had her deepest part of her sleep then ... she would wake around 1 or 2 and then only sleep for 20 minutes at a time (if I could get her back to sleep) from then on ... so I made sure I had dinner very early, and went to bed then - so that I at least got some sleep.

    - made DH get up early and take over so that I could go back to bed. Often by about 5 she had a little sleep ... 2 hrs or so ... so I went back to bed then and got DH to give her a bottle and put her back to bed before he went to work.

    - took time for me when DH was home. Let him look after her/feed her/bath her etc so that I got to go have a shower, make myself a cup of tea (and actually drink it) go for a walk by myself or just be away from the screaming child.

    - got my Mum to come and help - take DD or at least cook food / clean a little so that I could rest when she did.

    - prayed it would be over soon

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