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    Default Indoor activity ideas for 3yo son with possible special needs?

    I am feeling so guilty! It has been raining for a week, it's freezing cold, and it seems every time I step outside with my kids or go meet friends and their kids, we get sick! So we have been stuck indoors at home a lot. My guilt begins here: what do I do with a 3yo boy who doesn't play with toys, has limited interaction with adults and no interaction with other children, and only seems interested in playing the tablet, watching tv/movies, or playing on the computer? If it's not one of those things, he's running around arm-flapping, humming, or jumping off the bed (which is how he broke his leg about 2 months ago - we've just had the cast off for 3 weeks).

    I feel immensely guilty letting him have these devices, but I'm tired, I need time to myself and with my 10mo daughter, not to mention the day-to-day tasks associated with running a household, meals, etc. I do play with my son; we read books, play with his art book, stick stickers, colour, fiddle with playdoh, paint, chase and play hide & seek, tackle, tickle, wrestle, laugh, and cuddle.... but sometimes he is so distant despite my efforts that I'm too exhausted to put in the effort every single free moment of every single day. I want to encourage free-play but watching him run around stimming is very unnerving, which seems to be all he wants to do when there isn't a screen in his face.

    Sorry for the vent! I really am after any suggestions or advice. What does everyone else do? We are about 6 weeks away from our appt with a paed; we have not been diagnosed yet but clearly we are showing red flags.

    I want to spend time with him and play but he isn't interested and I'm so tired! I feel awful when he's looking at a screen all the time.

    Is it ok for him to run around bored, does it do him any good, harm? He would never sit down and play with his cars, bounce a ball on his own, etc. Help!
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