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    Default Donor egg in Greece!

    Hi !!! My name is Sonia and I'm new to this forum. I just found it a great place to tell other women my story and help in any way I can if possible.
    Ill try make it short and sweet... Basically I'm 42 years old and had cancer when I was 27... I was told it would be very hard for me to conceive as I have very few eggs left due to years of chemotherapy .. I got married at 39 and started IVF immediately .. 3 years of failed iui's, and ivf's I was told my only option was to consider donor egg... I was told that from the beginning actually but wanted to try everything before it was my last option.. And it was.. So I did some research and decided with my husband to combine a holiday with a cycle! It was the best decision off our lives! We now have the most beautiful little baby girl ... We headed off to the island of Crete in greece... There in Hiraklion I discovered a great doctor, great nurses and just an overall great and warm experience .. I just want to be able to give other women like me hope and know that it's all possible. I wish everyone trying to conceive the best off luck .

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    i am writing to share in the threads about my primo experience with dr. nikos kanakas and embryoland. as i am now just about 9 weeks pregnant, i am still in the "bit surreal" land and digesting my last 6 months in greece that led me to this abundant grace.
    i went to greece solely to work with dr. nikos. he is most unique in greece -and as far as i have experienced doctors in any country - in that he immediately welcomes patients like family. which is what i SO needed- being a single woman with intention to do 3 rounds (as needed) in 6 months and live in that foreign country. dr. nikos and every one of his staff welcomed me with respect, patience, kindness, smiles, and complete availability to my inquiries and needs at any time.
    in addition, i felt in good hands, totally, to follow dr. nikos' guidance in the sometime complex choices i/we needed to make, as he concurrently completely respected all my feelings and wishes even if sometimes it made the process more complex for him and his team. i have never trusted a doctor so much, nor felt my own needs and wishes so respected by a doc.

    i am still in awe of this whole experience....

    i would be happy to share with any woman or couple, directly, more about my experience at embryoland, and about traveling too and staying in athens/greece.

    in my life, finding dr. kanakas and his clinic was a godsend, surely!

    in addition, the sperm bank across the street - cryogonia- operated under the direction of lina evgeni - is top notch in every single way, professionally and persoanlly.

    all the best to all!


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