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    I had an emergency c-section with #1 and have been starting to discuss TTC #2 with my local GP. She is a fantastic doctor and I have never had any complaints before. But she has had 4 children all my scheduled c-sections and seems to disregard my wanting a VBAC. She actually seemed insulted when I said that I wanted to at least attempt a natural birth and kept pushing a repeat c-section.

    Should I take labor out of the discussion and stay with my GP or switch doctors to someone who is more supportive (or at least open other options)???

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    If you like your GP, you can always continue to see her but could go with an obst as your main care provider from around 12w on. The difference in opinions between my GP and obst were comical at times, my GP sounds similar to yours in relation to advocating repeat CS.... Where as my obst discussed with me at length and gave me plenty of info and links to info on VBAC. I'm going with a repeat CS but because of my own reasons/risks although it was good to have an obst encouraging me to make that decision 100% myself. No harm in shopping around to find a professional care provider or credible info that meets your needs, its your body and will be your baby after all!


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