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    Default no periods

    Hey all,

    Just wondering when my periods will come back or if there is anything I can do to get them back.

    I was diagnosed with PCOS and also prediabetic straight after I got off the implanon in 2011, when I was 23. But I was able to fall pregnant and give birth to my son in mid 2012.

    My weight has been up and down but now finally losing the weight and fat since mid last year but from early Feb I have yet to get my periods. 5 months later and no periods. My doc, gyno, physiologist and dietitian said keep going with the diabex xr, low gi diet and supplements. They said eventually my periods will come back. Just be harder this time to fall pregnant.

    Just want them back as my fiancé and I wanted to try for baby number 2 but I know it will be hard without my periods. I wasnt stressed about it but now starting to be impatient and a little worried. I know its not end of the world but just curious.

    Has anyone had the same thing? How long till your periods came back? What did you do help it?

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    My last period had been October 2013 till last month when I got my first since Oct then again this month. For me loosing around 5kg seems to have been enough to get things working for me, but still have more to loose to be where my doctor wants me.


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