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    To me time is the essence. I couldn't imagine wasting 43 hours a month commuting.

    That's nearly 2 days stuck in a car. Per month. Eeeek!

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    Don't do it. I live in the country and love it. But if I had to commute 2 hours each day I would change my location. I'm Lucky in that I found a job on the edge of the nearest big town, so it only takes me half an hour door to door. My sister has ten minutes door to door and I'm soooo jealous!

    Not worth it for "a bigger block". Only do it for a complete lifestyle change.

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    Just to add ( as I've also wanted to just get away from it all) when assessing time on anything I always bring it back to treating it like a wage. Those extra 2 hours per day is costing you minimum $30pd /$150pw/$7800 pa on wasted time

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    No way!! My husband used to commute an hour each way before we had kids, and he would deliberately leave for work early and stay back later because otherwise he spent that time in the car due to the peak hour traffic. He did it for 2 years before asking for us to move close to where he worked because it was killing him.
    We moved to the city 11 years ago now and, after buying houses and then ending up in a situation where we had to sell up and go back to renting, when we were able to buy again we looked at what we could get for our money moving back to where we used to and the difference was huge. It was a huge consideration, but we stayed in the city. We could have a brand new 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom house on a big block of land an hour away, but instead we bought a three bedroom, one bathroom deceased estate in major need of modernising on less than half the land size we could have got an hour away because it's what we could afford. And we LOVE it! We're a one car family, and most days the car sits untouched, and when we do use the car we're rarely in it for less than ten minutes. We can walk to school and pre-school easily, I can ride my bike to uni and work, and because we live so close to the city anyway my husband just works from home.
    Had we moved away I would have spent 40 + minutes commuting to uni, 50 + minutes to work, we would have to have two cars, we'd be away from my parents which would mean that on the days both hubby and I weren't able to get the kids to and from school we'd be putting the kids in OOSH from 7am-6pm, which is such a long day for them, hubby would never be home for dinner during the week, I'd spend my mornings in the car, instead of getting to get a workout in before starting the day, the kids would miss out on getting to play/gymnastics/swimming etc. because we wouldn't have time after I commuted home and then weekends would be spent maintaining a massive yard and cleaning the massive house we bought and trying to recover from the massive week we had. Our cost of living would also increase a lot...OOSH fees we don't need to pay, daycare for my youngest instead of community based pre-school with shorter hours, two cars + our petrol bill would be huge (we spend about $100 a month on petrol...we'd be spending double that weekly by the time we both drove to our work places in to different cars) No thanks.
    If you really want to give it a go rent out that way for 6-12 months first at least. There is so much more to life than a fancy house and a big yard IMO.
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