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    Default Over 40 and FSH too high for IVF – what now?

    I was about to start my IVF cycle #4, but the bloodtest on day two has revealed a high FSH (17). Cut-off for IVF at my clinic is 15. Apparently I would not be responding to the stimulation medications. Just three months ago my FSH was 7. I am aware that my age is probably a factor (I'm turning 41 in August). However, I am hoping I'll be able to get the FSH down. This is my current plan

    – keep taking DHEA
    – my doctor has put me on Estrogen pills for 6 weeks
    – going to see a Chinese Medicine specialist for acupuncture and herbs

    Has anyone of you ever had this problem? Did you manage to get your FSH down? I was prepared for the rocky road of IVF, but now I'm devastated that I am not even able to start! Natural pregnancy is not an option, as we need ICSI due to sperm issues.

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    Don't despair! It can vary from cycle to cycle. I did the same as your plan (estrogen for 6 weeks + DHEA + acupuncture) due to extremely low AMH (although I have POF, am 32). Had a cycle cancelled due to high estrogen on day 2 (apparently can mask high FSH), following cycle all was well & we had success. It's very upsetting to have a cycle cancelled but IMO better to wait for the right cycle. I also used a combo of elonva - FSH injection that lasts 7 days + luveris = apparently better for those with low ovarian reserve? Best of luck, I hope your next cycle does the trick.

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    Hi @Journey,

    I'm not sure what my fsh is or my clinic's cut off (if they even have one), but generally speaking with regard to limits I would shop around. Try a few other clinics. Due to my bmi, other clinics wouldn't accept me and told me I had no chance (bssed on bmi, age and low amh), but I finally came to a clinic who would try with me. I am doing high doses of everything but I am progressing to the 2ww stage

    Not sure where you are located, but feel free to pm me if you would like more info.

    Good luck!

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