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    Default Contacting SD's Kindy

    We have just gone through a bit of a stressful situation.

    We deal with a High Conflict BM, she does not co-parent well, is very controlling, aggressive and distrusting of us, believes we are incapable of protecting SD and giving her a safe environment.

    Recently SD has been displaying some concerning behaviors, while in our care, we have only observed these behaviors to a very mild extent (toilet humor). We were not aware of the extent of the behaviors until CPS contacted us and SO's contact was restricted.

    *** We got through 2 months of awful hell to be found innocent and SO has had his contact reinstated. I don't really want to go into it as it's finally a door closed for us. ***

    We are still completely unaware of the extent of SD's behaviors and are very sad and confused. BM refuses to be honest with us and tell us exactly what's been going on (everything she told the courts and CPS came out to be lies basically).

    SO want's to contact the Kindy as they filed a report with CPS. SO wants to know exactly why he was never contacted, how SD was able to be alone with another child long enough for them to take clothes of and use a magnifying glass to inspect.. (I know, it's shocking!) and what they are doing to make sure SD is more adequately supervised while in their center.

    However, going through the investigation it was apparent to us that they had a negative view of us, although they were nice enough on the phone to SO when this first came out, they immediately contacted CPS and tried to claim that SO had no right to the information, CPS told them that he does have a right to it as he has legal joint custody.

    We are nervous about contacting them asking for more information, but we feel it's extremely important we have the information so we know what we're dealing with and how to look out for SD better, what's the best way to approach the Kindy? We really don't want to be on their bad side, but SO feels that as SD's father, he has a right to a full explanation..

    TIA, I know it's a tough situation, but advice would be much appreciated.

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    Can you apply under Freedom of Information to view any formal documentation held by the kindy?

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    Pretty sure they are required to report some things ... so they may not have just turned around and reported you in that kind of manner.

    I would contact them, and approach them in the same kind of way you have here. That you are concerned about your SD's behaviour, that you arent necessarily getting the full story from SD or the biomum and you simply want to know what has been happening so that you can have a look at how to respond.

    Ask them for advice on what to do for that kind of behaviour.

    Its hard


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