Hi all,

I don't often post but I am always overwhelmed by the help and support received when I do.

I am worried my 5 month old girl has reflux. My now 2.5 year son had terrible reflux and was medicated from 6 weeks old. I thought we had escaped it this time as my daughter did not show big signs of reflux and has been very settled...until now.

She is 5 months old today and has had 2 big 'episodes' in the last week. The first episode was right after her morning nap. She had had a big breakfast and then a short nap. When she woke she started projectile vomiting for about 2 hours and going floppy between bouts of vomit. We took her to emergency as her heart rate was so low and she was limp..they kept us overnight and after ruling out all major things, confirmed she has a vaso vagal response to vomiting (basically faints) and that it was probably a bug. 5 days later and no big vomits between times, she projectile vomited this morning in the middle of a cafe. There was some blood streaks in her vomit...

She hasn't spewed since but is grissly.

Also some other weird things; she hasn't pooed for a few days, she only really wants one breast when she feeds and when I am very full she will not even finish the one side. Sometimes she feeds every hour to every two hours. She is disinterested in solids..

What do you guys think? Does any of this sounds familiar to you?

Thanks in advance!!!