I don't even know where to start..
I got induced at 38 weeks. Bubs was only on the 7th percentile and we had restricted growth as well as gest diabetes through the whole pregnancy got diagnosed at 7w+5.
Hubby and I were told I would be getting induced so whay felt like eternity (waited 5-6 hours in the lounge area for someone to actually come see us and start the whole process) we were told to come at 4pm!!! I had frozen collostrum which I told nurses twice, after nobody came to get it off me I put it in the public fridge/freezer praying that noone would make a cuppa with it!!
I was finally called and told to lay down and I got a foleys catheter inserted to help ripen my cervix...
But...as the dr inserted it my waters broke. His response was "oh well one less thing for me to do tomorrow" they left the foleys in and an angel gave me a heatpack and some drugs for sleep/pain and I stayed overnight.

I got moved to the birthing suit and this cold cranky midwife started my drip. Each time she did her rounds she sarcastically said "you don't look like your in pain enough and ramped it up"! After about 3-4 hours the pain and contractions were very strong and close. I began feeling the urge to push, I told the midwife I felt ready and she just said your nowhere near ready. I kept getting my mum to take me to the toilet as the urge to push was getting hard to hold back. Finally the midwife said we need to order an epidural so you stop feeling the urge to push. I was now in so much pain from truying to hold in the bearing down pain I agreed.
The epidural was inserted (I still kept insisting I was ready) 5 mins later a new midwife came in, took one look and tried to insert a catheter she said "omg when was the last time you were checked I can see your babys hair..we need to get these legs up and push" I was 10cms dialated for what she guessed 2 hours!! 11 mins later my dd was born!!!
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