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    Hi ladies I have some terry flats q's too- I used MCNs with DS but want to use terry flats from birth till DS2 can fit into DS1's old MCNs at about 4mo.

    1. Are liners pointless for newborns/until bub is on solids?

    2. When bub is really little can you get away with no cover and just have the flat nappy? Or will even a newborn wet thru after 2 hours.

    Helloooooo... this is my experience:
    1. YES. I bought a couple rolls of bamboo liners but the breastfed poop was just too watery for them to be of any use. So I stopped using them and got them out again soon after bub started solids.

    2. YES! But that's because I wanted to change our boy as soon as he wet himself. We didn't use covers, just had the flat nappy. That was when he was a bit older. We used prefolds when he was fresh out of the oven so-to-speak.

    One exception... DO use a cover when bub is sitting on mother-in-law's lap and hasn't pooped all day.

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