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    Default *Fluff Thread* Confessions of an OCD unlazy mum

    Hi all,
    Now please this is in no way a stab at the lazy mums thread. I actually enjoyed reading every single one and as many said I don't see it as "lazy" as such just a way to get through and keep our little ones happy without going nuts. And to get a well deserved break!
    But in saying that everyone is different and we all have different ways we deal with day to day life. Let me begin by saying I have lazy days and lazy things I do but in the general outlook of my day to day life I do (and dh will back me up lol) have SLIGHT OCD. So I'll start it off and we'll see who will follow.... Feel free for any lazy posters to add there OCD tips on here. I'm sure some have a mix up of both in there..

    -I disinfect wipe my dd's toys
    -dd is 17months and I have trained her to come to me after eating anything with her hands up so she doesn't touch anything (trained? Is that a nice word?)
    - my dd has never eaten anything out of a jar never ever
    - I do about 3 loads of washing a day and have them on the line then put away by the end of the evening
    - I vacuum everyday and mop about 3-4 times a week
    - bathrooms get cleaned at least 2-3 times a week
    - sheets changed once a week
    - I do at least 2 (home) activities a day although only one outside activity a week so that would make me a bit lazy?
    - we only have takeout about once a fortnight and cook all meals from scratch! Although we may go out on weekends every now and then
    - I wash all dishes after every meal although I do have a dishwasher as a best friend
    - dd never wears the same clothing twice without being washed
    Will come back when I think of more and looking forward to everyone else's adds...
    Again I cannot stress this is not to make a stab at anyone else and I hope no one takes an offence just a bit of fun...

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    Hi there... I think I fit this category as well. As much as I love my mates and their homes with their kid chaos and food smeared handprints everywhere, I find that keeping our home neat is oddly relaxing. Not like I can go out into the paddock and hop on a horse for some mental time out being 35w lol. Part of this habit is from having babysitters and MIL coming and going from our place while I was working FT - there would always be someone turning up here unexpectedly if we were home too.

    - I tuck a facewasher under DDs chin when I feed her as I can't stand pureed babyfood getting in crevices (she has a bib on too). She looks like she is about to tuck into a lobster or some spare ribs...her newest habit is to gnaw on the facewasher food when I have finished feeding her if I have't been quick enough to take it off her lol.
    - I can't handle plates in the sink, they go straight in the dishwasher.
    - I don't use laundry hampers, everything goes straight in the washing machine or soaking bucket.
    - Benchtops, stove, bathroom wiped down every night. Every night I put on the dishwasher and washing machine then dryer. Every morning I pack it all away then empty all the bins.
    - We don't wear shoes indoors (we use the laundry entry and leave shoes there).
    - Once a week the house is vacuumed, dusted, all sheets changed, all scatter cushion covers washed, all the external dog slobber cleaned off the windows.

    Not exactly extreme, 40m morning and night, but I hate getting up to a messy house lol

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    I'm a bit the same in that I find a clean home relaxing ... But you both sound very efficient at keeping yours in order!

    Can either of you ladies come do my house? I'd pay an absolute fortune for that level of efficiency and cleanliness!

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    I totally belong in the other thread... Either of you are always welcome to do my place

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    Well mostly I belong in the other thread, but my unlazy mummy thing is that I go out with the kids every day. Morning and afternoon. Staying home does my head in.

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    Oh dear I belong here but I won't admit I have OCD I think it's just being organised 😁 DH thinks it's unhealthy!! I don't care I feel good when everything is done!

    (That lazy mum thread has been an awesome read and I think we all have our ways I wouldn't call either lazy or OCD, just different!)

    It's 4am and I can't sleep so ill give this a whirl let's see .......

    I clean DD's playroom as she messes it and this makes DH mad as he says a playroom is meant to be messy - I disagree!

    In her playroom I have a system so each box and corner has a purpose e.g. Art corner/box, reading and TV corner, kitchen and pretend food section etc. it's all in order and she loves it I'm sure lol

    I wash & change bed sheets, pillows, every week! This was every 2 days so I'm better now hehe beds are made as soon as I open my eyes. Omg I do iron bed sheets and covers to (I sound abnormal)

    I wash and iron daily as I cannot handle full laundry baskets.

    I cook from scratch to and we eat nothing from packets or jars but that's because I have a thermomix and for the price that was I am using it to full capacity(plus DH is a food nazi)

    Every shoe has it's home I hate shoes laying around inside the house so we have 2 huge wall show racks for shoes in the garage

    I do not fill cupboards and fridges with food as I hate clutter so I'll shop for the week and extras are bought as needed

    I vacuum and sweep twice a day and mopping is once a week maybe twice I just can't do it at the moment this pregnancy is killing my back

    I have recently hired a cleaner but she refuses to come every week as she says I don't need a cleaner so I took every fortnight which still annoys me
    Being pregnant I can't do bathrooms and toilets like I'd like to so she focuses on that plus she does windows I love clean windows

    The fur babies have their section to and they are allowed in the house but no jumping on beds or lounges.

    There are never dishes in the sink ever this is a big one I hate dirty dishes so they are washed and put away immediately or loaded into dishwasher. I also wash as I go while cooking or I can't continue cooking!

    Every drawer is neat so I know where everything is. From stationery to medication to cutlery. I like knowing where everything is.

    I swear if you keep on top of it all it doesn't take long to do, so a clean immaculate house with all floors washing and ironing done I mean everything might take an hour or less so why not stay on top

    Oh and one more that makes DH actually laugh/cringe is if we are going out for longer than 2 hours like long appointments etc. I actually bring DD and DH a mini hamper of healthy snacks, sandwiches and other food so we don't eat crap or takeaway. He calls me a loser until the 2 hours is up and then him and DD dive in and thank me.

    (Mind you I have been sneaking in a bit of junk food with this pregnancy but DH and DD don't touch it.) DD has nuggets and chips once a month as one of my uncles told me I was being cruel and that every child needs nuggets and chips. Dd would honestly rather a chicken salad I swear.

    I think that's about it

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    I find I fall into both depending on what it's about around the house. My little one is only 10w though and things are likely to change as she starts getting around more. But here are a few things my OCD drive me to do:

    - I vaccum the house at least once a day. Usually twice - three times. I can't stand the feeling of any dirt under my feet.
    - I wipe every surface about 4 or 5 times a day.
    - I never leave anything laying around out of place for very long.
    - I'm constantly going through draws / cupboards to make sure things are neat and tidy in them.
    - I have to have the place spotless before I go to bed of a night and in the morning get up and clean it again. (Don't you know it gets dirty over night when we are sleeping....)
    - I do almost a load of washing a day.
    - I am always prepared for everything. Bag is always stocked and packed neatly so if we need to go out we just have to grab it and not worry about anything else.

    These are just a few I can think of. I find it relaxing when everything is done and I can just sit down knowing there is nothing needing cleaning. The problem is I always find something else that needs doing. I actually wish I could stop. When I go to other peoples houses I never think they are untidy or dirty or anything, I'm often jealous that they can live in their house without wanting to get up and wash their plate before they have even finished eating. I'm jealous of how 'homey' their places feel and I feel like mine isn't the same. I also do some lazy things though.

    - Often I'll keep the dry washing in the basket and put it under the cot out of sight and grab clothes from that in the hopes we will use it all and I won't have to fold any of it.
    - I NEVER iron. If it needs ironing we probably shouldn't have bought it.
    - Baby wipes! I think the other thread has explained this one for me.
    - Ironically I don't mop as often as I probably should.

    There is probably many more for both, but this is all I can think of for now.

    I found this a while ago, I try to remember but it's difficult.

    ImageUploadedByThe Bub Hub1403210482.218742.jpg
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    I fit in here a little bit but probably more in the other thread!

    I am totally OCD about my washing. I start in the morning (Saturday and Tuesday are clothes washing days... Hate it if this doesn't happen) and sort it all on the laundry floor. Wash whites, then two or three loads of colours. Hang it all out (I hate the dryer) then when it's dry I take off socks, undies, singlets etc first, then my kids clothes then adult's stuff on top. Fold it all into the laundry bench and put away. This has to be one all in the one day or I can't cope lol!! I just couldn't do the piles of washing left in baskets thing.

    I do this also because I hate ironing and if I fold things straight away is don't need to do as much.

    I'm also OCD with my house cleaning but that's another story

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    Subbing for some tips

    I'm a hopeless housewife! Totally useless.

    I'll clean and the house will look great and then DS empties his entire toy box / messes crumbs on the couch and floor / spills his drink etc and then I just don't have the energy to go and clean it all again.

    It's a never ending battle.

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    My only lazy thing, house wise, is folding.
    Otherwise, dh thinks I'm extreme.

    Everything has a place and I get frustrated if something isn't in the right spot. It also goes to the extreme where I get anxious if someone moves something even slightly. Dh had a friend here once when I wasn't and he did silly things like move an ornaments like 2cm away, he found it amusing that I noticed the moment I will walked in the door and started correcting everything.

    I vacuum everyday. Dh bought me a rechargeable vacuum that I can leave out so it's easier.

    I wipe down every surface everyday.

    I rearrange my fridge and pantry far too often but, in my defence, it helps me know what I have.

    I refuse to dress myself and the girls in mismatched clothes, even when we're at home all day.

    I straighten the throw cushions on the lounge as soon as someone gets up.

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