Hey there.
I signed up to this forum sometime last year but haven't quite jumped in before now.

Im 33 and I got married last year in April to the love of my life and had planned to just let nature take its course. On returning home from honeymoon (literally the day we got home) a missed AF that I thought might be a very nice surprise turned out not to be a pregnancy but the beginning of an infertility journey...

Turned out I had Stage V endometriosis, a big endometrioma and mild PCOS. After laparoscopic surgery in February, and making every lifestyle change I can think of, I'd hoped things would sort themselves out (especially as we are both really healthy).

Unfortunately we've just found out two days ago that my partner has antibodies (97%) which means that our only option is IVF ICSI and its unlikely we'll ever get pregnant on our own.

It's been overwhelming, devastating and we are still coming to terms with it all... But I thought perhaps nows the time to actually get involved in these forums for some support and information from others.

We've got our first appointment with the IVF nurses to find out about the process this week.

So anyway, hi.