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    Default How does your baby sleep?

    I have a 14week old (8weeks corrected) DD. For the last month she has been sleeping through the night 10-13hour stretches which is amazing! However, her days are horrible and getting worse. I try and do a bit of a eat, play, sleep routine and she seems to last about an hour before she starts showing tired signs and eventually gets cranky. I have to rock her to sleep (have tried putting her in bed sleepy but that rarely works) then I put her in her cot but within 5-10min she is screaming awake. I just resettle her in bed usually shove the dummy back in and rub her belly but within 10min im back in there again and this just repeats itself until her next feed. If i'm lucky she may go through one sleep cycle but then awake screaming.

    What am I doing wrong? This is my first child so i'm fairly clueless.
    She wears a love to dream swaddle bag, she gets a dummy in bed which she loves now (spitting it out seems to be a main cause of her waking), I put the heater on if needed and have blackout curtains.

    Why are the days so bad when they nights are so good? I wouldn't mind if she wanted to stay awake and was happy but it is obvious she is very tired and gets super cranky.

    I'm just curious as to any hints and just to know how other babies are sleeping at this stage?

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    My first was doing 12-13 hours by 12 weeks but was awful with day sleeps. She would have 3x15-20 min naps a day. I tried so many things but they didn't get better, but her crankiness did. She was very needy, lots of being held, always seeing me, I'd wear her in a ring sling to get housework done. I sort of learnt what she liked (singing, attention etc) and just dedicated each day to keeping her happy.

    Since the whole 'put them down as soon as they show tired signs' wasn't actually improving her naps I stopped and held off naps as long as I could. Then it was less feeding/rocking to get her to sleep. She'd zonk, I'd go to the toilet, make a cuppa, then she'd be awake again! It was tiring, but my son has taken almost 12 months to work out that he can sometimes sleep 12 hours (good day naps), and that's more tiring!!


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