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    Default 4 yo Pre-school behaviour


    I posted a while back about my son's behaviour (lashing out) at pre-school.

    We have started to implement 1-2-3 Magic at home. Both my husband and I need a bit more practice at just counting and not talking as much, but we're getting there.

    However his behaviour at pre-school continues. He is baffling the teachers who I have open dialogue with.

    Today, on an excursion he threw a rock at another kid. It was provoked and he is able to admit that it's wrong, but he can't explain why he does it. Of course this behaviour is affecting his ability to make friends, which is a concern to me too.

    I'm not sure whether to seek out a behavioural specialist or go to the Family Community Centre.

    Any advice. Happy to answer more questions if you need more info.


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    I'm not sure how much it costs, but if it were me, I'd be finding a psychologist. Sounds like your little man has lots of frustration coming from somewhere and a professional might be able to help him with that. They might be able to find what motivates the behaviour and work at the root of the problem, which will help him long term. Alternatively, they can give him some other ways of coping with anger.

    123 Magic is effective for changing behaviour but make sure you're giving your DS other constructive ways to express negative emotions. The risk with 123 is that the child learns they'll be punished for expressing their anger, which will make things worse in the long run. Having said that, I think your DS is lucky that he has parents that care enough to buy, read and implement something like that (because it isn't easy, especially at the start!).


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