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    Quote Originally Posted by Butterfly39 View Post
    Apologies if I've missed this, but just curious to know if this lady's husband is aware of your husbands pet names for his wife?

    Any reason you haven't confronted this woman directly, letting her know 'woman to woman' that she is a little 'too close for comfort?'

    And why on gods earth would DH think that it's appropriate to discuss your marital problems with another woman?

    You're a better woman than me OP, I would have chased DH down the road with a stick.

    Three in the bed is too many!
    I'm not sure if she has discussed it with her husband. There is no hostility from him when we see him, so I assume not.

    I haven't confronted her, as I haven't seen anything to suggest inappropriate behaviour from her. Any interaction I've seen between them or read in messages has been 100% platonic from her. They've been friends for over a decade, so maybe she doesn't notice it anymore? Maybe he's always been that way toward her and neither of them notice it? I don't know.

    A stick you say? I like that idea!

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    Wow. He is being so disrespectful. He knows how you feel yet continues to carry on with it.

    Would counselling be an option. That way he can hear it from an outsider that his actions are just unacceptable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MissusMac View Post
    So DH has a female friend who I know quite well and get along with famously. She is also married with a family. The issue is that I'm convinced DH has a 'crush' on her and it makes me uncomfortable. He calls her cutesie little nicknames; and only ever calls me by my first name. He compliments her unprompted; but it's like getting blood out of a stone to get a compliment from him.
    I knew he'd been texting her this week. He'd told me, so there is nothing secretive about their exchanges. So I had a quick flick through the messages and he had a few comments about being 'in trouble' with me and how we were arguing a lot ATM - both of which are news to me!! Along with his usual 'flirty' banter.

    She's never takes his bait and never says anything inappropriate. Ie, I think he was fishing for some ego stroking but she just said 'that's a shame' and changed the subject.

    He KNOWS how I feel. We've talked, we've yelled, we've argued and discussed the matter. He has no interest in changing the way he approaches the friendship, despite it making me uncomfortable (and I would assume it would make her and her husband feel the same). What on earth can I do?
    Without reading any of the responses my ex was like this with a female friend when we first got together and similarly refused to change his behavior even though he was clearly out of line. Fast forward some years later and he cheated on me with her and actually got her pregnant. I'm not saying this will happen to you but what I am saying is that if he can't even be bothered really hiding his affections for her then I can only imagine where he would be drawing the line if at all you know? It's a good thing she's married and seemingly uninterested in him but its a hugely concerning thing regardless. There could very easily be a next time with a woman who could be much more receptive to his attention..


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