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    Default How many toys do you keep out?

    Hi All,

    I'm just curious how many toys you have out. I have 3 under 3 boys and we have toys all over the house all the time.

    I don't really have much room in the house to put things away to rotate so everything it out where they can get it all . We have 16 hole shelves that have we have tubs in most of them with
    Play food toys
    Music toys
    Dress ups
    Tool toys
    Little people
    Books x 2
    Random toys
    Baby toys
    Some bigger toys
    Character toys (like woody, buzz etc)

    We also have a tub of stuffed toys and one of just other things that don't fit. And a table with drawing things on it that they can get to.

    We do have an a small outside area with a sandpit, slide, cubby, hoop, ride on cars, kitchen and a swing and a lot of balls.

    I feel like they might have to much going on but I don't know where to start culling.

    We haven't brought everything brand new, some things have been given to us from friends who's children no longer need them or we've brought second hand. And of course birthdays and Xmas.

    I just don't know where to start so I thought I would get some ideas from others what they have going on in they kids rooms/play areas.

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    None stay out. Our boys share a bedroom with no toys at all in them and we use the other bedroom as a playroom. We try and keep it reasonably tidy but if it's too messy, we simply shut the door. The only thing not in there is their craft station and a few ride ons which live in the family room which the playroom is off. As they get older, there'll be nothing in the family room.

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    I keep the majority in wardrobes. We have a few out at a time (usually for about 2 weeks) and anything else requested is put away as soon as we're finished with it. LOTS of books are always accessible on shelves - they don't get put away.

    At the moment we have out:
    -Ride on bug
    -Wooden cart with doll stuff in it
    (the cart & bug always stay out as they're too big to put away)
    -box of animal picture cards
    -stacking tower
    -shape shorter
    -Mr potato head
    -a ball

    DD (20 months) knows where other things are kept. She'll often go and get out other musical instruments, or request certain toys such as 'little animals', 'puzzle' or 'tools'.

    The outdoor toys are always out though (outside).

    We have pretty much half a HUGE wardrobe full of other toys that get rotated.

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    I don't really have the room to store anything somewhere else. They don't have any toys in their bedroom except a favourite you they take to bed that night but that is just because we don't have the room in their bedroom for toys. All the toys are in the dining room while is now the play room. I am also sick of the mess and yep it's the same in my house as soon as something is packed away for a second it's pulled out again. The only time it stays packed away is when they are all sleeping.

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    In the lounge room we have duplo, little people, train tracks and octonauts toys. That's what gets played with the most. In cubes in the bedroom are: dress ups, puzzles/games, musical instruments, soft toys and one cube of miscellaneous stuff. Oh and lots of books. In a cupboard are all DS's Lego. All the stuff in the lounge is out all the time, especially the duplo! The stuff in cubes is basically get out what you want and put everything else away. Lego, DS is allowed 3 out at a time and he plays with them in the study (away from destructive DD).
    We also have a craft cupboard in the kitchen.
    Do you have a toy library nearby, OP? Ours is great- we borrow 3 toys fortnightly and often re-borrow favourites. It's like rotating toys without having to store them.


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