Hi there,
I am on my forth month of Clomid (50mg day3-7). The last three months, I have ovulated around day 15 (either triggered, or assume O from pain and CM).
This month I went for a high res pelvic US at day 7, which showed I had already O'ed. I also had several large follicles on the right, but the specialist was adamant they wouldn't develop any further.
This cycle is now a dud, but I am tempted to test using OPKs closer to day 15 just to see what happens. Had no O pains or CM to indicate O. Just wondering- has anyone else had early O on Clomid? Did you have any luck conceiving? Or did you have to go to IVF?
Im also worried that I O'd early on previous cycles but it just wasn't picked up n the FS' Ultrasound (Im doing IUI), so they wouldn't have worked either.
Has anyone had a similar experience?