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    Default Stranger Danger 4 y/o

    There has been some instances in my hometown of people reporting strangers trying to entice kids into their cars. I have been trying to explain to my 4 y/o DS about strangers and tried to re enact a scenario with my DP to DS relaying about stranger danger, but my DS didn't get it, DS kept saying "but dad isn't a stranger". I don't think 4 is to young to explain stranger danger, but does anyone on BH have ways I could explain to my DS ?

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    We have been working on this for a few months after attending a few karate lessons where the teacher also taught "stranger danger" and gave the kids "what if" scenario's i.e.: "what if you were at a shopping centre and you lost your mum and a man offered to drive you home" kind of thing. it was excellent!

    They started by explaining what a stranger was. i.e.:anyone you don't know. Then they explained people you could trust... teachers, policemen etc.

    I know if you get down to specific's its more likely to be someone you know that hurts your kids like a family member or a teacher but that can be covered in another talk about inappropriate touching etc. I still think to very young kids that learning about stranger danger is important.

    Both my 3 and 4 yr old's know that if a stranger approaches them, they are to yell very loudly "No, your not my mummy or daddy!" and run to the nearest shop keeper, security guard or group of parents at the park etc. We practise role plays at home.

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    I've moved this out of the nappy chat forum to the general chat forum to catch the eye of a bigger group of readers.

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    We taught it with the circle chart.

    Draw a circle put the names of your family in it. Mum dad granny siblings etc. Than draw a circle around that and put close cousin family friends etc. The next circle put teachers neighbor the people the know well by name. Next circle the shopkeepers etc that might know there name but are really strangers the last circle you put people who don't know at all. People that might talk to you in the street shops etc.

    Next teach them that just because someone knows their name doesn't mean it is okay to go with them. Do writte their names on the outside of hats or bags etc. Set up a password.
    Teach them to go to you if someone has list a puppy/kitten. Not to take lollies. Never to help someone without getting you first.

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