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    Default Small towns

    Lying here trying to go to sleep and thinking about how good it is to live in (well 30k's out of) a small town. The butcher gives my DS a Frankfurt and automatically carries my meat to the car, the lady in the fruit shop carries my pram down the steps, the ladies in the supermarket hold my baby while I get DS out of the trolley and often take groceries to my car.
    If we go past the kids toy/clothing/homewares shop and DS wants to go play in their playpen the lady offers to let him and watch him while I do whatever I have to elsewhere. I park by the back door of the post office when I have parcels cause it's easier on both me and the postmistress to only carry them from back door to my car.
    My 3 year old goes on the bus home from preschool which saves me a 60klm trip to pick him up. The driver meets him at the gate and helps him with his bag and seatbelt.
    The bloke from landmark will cal out to me accross the street or pull me up in the car to let me know that the courier left a parcel there for me.
    Our postie brings anything out that will fit in the mailbox. He even posts letters if I leave them in the mailbox for him to pick up. He delivers groceries to other farmers that can't get to town.

    Anyway enough rambling, I need to get to sleep as I'm sure ds6months will wake up soon

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    Can I join in? I love that my kids are known by name by everyone we meet as we go about town and they bring such joy to the'oldies' who get a smile or a wave from the bubs.

    Our local police officer would drop folks home from the footy club if he was concerned they might drink drive.

    Our whole primary school (nearly 100 kids) turns out at the Dawn Service on Anzac Day and on Remembrance Day to show respect for the occasion and to learn.

    I ring the local café as I leave our farm. I just say "Hi, it's Nat" and get "Seeya in 10". This results in a large flat white with two brought out to my car so I don't have to leave the bubs to collect it when I'm going on a road trip. Speaking of cafes, they bought an extra high chair when we had the twins!

    At the service station I fill my car and wave through the window. The fuel is put on our account.

    The local supermarket keeps track of what size nappies my twins are in and makes sure a couple of extra boxes are ordered in that size at the time.

    Hubby is a tradesman and has never advertised anywhere ever. A twenty year business is built purely on word of mouth.

    When our babies were born quite suddenly and hubby didn't get back to our hobby farm, he got home to a note on the gate from a lady we didn't know saying "whenever you're ready, I have a couple of motherless lambs I noticed in your paddock as I drove past a couple of days. I've been bottle feeding them for you until you have time. I heard you were a bit busy!"

    And my favourite thing right now.... I go to the end of my driveway and across the road our neighbour has an esky with freshly laid eggs for $3. I drop my money in the jar, and my kitchen scraps in the bin beside it to feed the happy chooks.

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