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    Default Different symptoms to previous pregnancies - possible???

    Just interested in hearing from those of you who've had more than one pregnancy and have experienced very different symptoms or none at all. I've had four pregnancies before - two ended in beautiful children and two ended in miscarriage at approx 8 weeks. With all those four pregnancies, I felt quite nauseous most of the time.
    At the ripe old age of 44, I now find myself pregnant again (absolute miracle and VERY much wanted), and I just don't seem to have the same symptoms as my past pregnancies, which of course worries me so much. My boobs are bigger than usual and I'm tired and I also have mild period like cramping at times, but no bleeding, and I don't have the nausea. My Ob has put me on Progesterone pessaries - one each night. I've also been doing FRER tests and the line is dark and not fading, so I assume that's a good sign, in that my HCG isn't dropping. I think I'm
    about 6-7 weeks, but my first scan next Thursday will hopefully confirm a healthy heartbeat and my dates. I'm so very scared that my Ob is going to do a scan and there'll be no baby. After losing our daughter from an asthma attack two years ago and being told by the IVF specialist last September that there was nothing more she could do for us because of my age, this pregnancy is truly a miracle.
    So...do you think it's at all possible to experience a completely different pregnancy to your previous ones??? Thanks.
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    Firstly, congratulations

    I've had 3 pregnancies and they have all been completely different in terms of symptoms and they've all had different outcomes from a healthy full term baby, miscarriage and a preemie.

    Try not to stress about the different symptoms, they aren't really an indication of what's going on in there.

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    Siansmum I'm just so happy to hear this news from you, congratulations!. I'm sure Sian has had a hand in making this happen .

    My pregnancies were both different and both ended in healthy bubs (both girls too!). Your symptoms sound very similar to early symptoms I had with one of mine.

    Wishing you all the best for an easy uneventful pregnancy

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    Congrats on your pregnancy

    I had absolutely no symptoms of even being pregnant with all 4 of my daughters, it freaked me out especially after numerous miscarriages.

    I have a friend who is pregnant atm and with her first from 5 weeks she was so ill and had every pregnancy symptom possible but this one she has no symptoms except a growing bump. She is convinced it's a little girl because the preg is completely different!
    All the best x

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