When I submitted my application for PPL I had no idea if I would have a contract past the end of June, so Centrelink told me to just put 'no' (that I would not be employed after end of June) on the form & call them if anything changed. Therefore at this stage they will be paying my PPL.

However, my contract has now been extended until October, which probably means technically I need to call Centrelink & inform them of that. But seperate to this contract, my employer is having a big restructure & is making all of us reapply for our jobs - they are being decidedly unhelpful & won't tell me when this will be happening, just 'soon'.

So although I have a contract until October, I may not actually have a job until then if I'm unsuccessful during the application process (whenever that happens).

So do I just call Centrelink & say 'I have a job until October' and leave it at that? Or do I call & say 'I have a contract until October but we have to reapply for our jobs sometime, work won't tell me when, so I have no idea if I will actually have a job until October'? Or should I just not call them & let them continue to assume that I don't have a job after the end of June?

I need to get this sorted before the baby arrives but I don't want to confuse Centrelink & I have no idea what to tell them.